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CEO Greeting

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“Message from CEO” VaxcellBio, Inc. CEO
Joon Haeng Rhee, Gwang Joon Jung

Welcome to visit the our website. We are developing cancer immunotherapeutics to accomplish our vision, ‘Better World via Immunotherapeutics.’ The Vaxcell-Bio Therapeutics, Co. Ltd were founded by two professors of Chonnam National University Medical School at 2010. During last 8 years, we did our best to develop and commercialize cell and protein based immunotherapeutics. In that period, we succeed to finalize early staged clinical trials for two different cell based immunotherapeutics. In addition, we also have achieved world first immunotheapeutics for canine companions. Furthermore, we are developing CAR-T therapeutics which are known as a next generation anti-cancer immunotherapeutics.

We hope to give a novel alternatives for patients and their family by supplying highly-effective but low-priced Immunotherapeutics.

All members of the Vaxcell-Bio promise you to contribute the welfare of human race by supplying a novel therapeutic options to patients who has intractable malignancies.

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